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Update 2/26/2018: 

CB #43 Django’s Tiger  New!  Busato size, petite bouche.  Lutz top, Tiger Makori back and sides, mahogany neck, Ebano fingerboard and bridge, stainless frets, Miller tuners and tail.   $3,950 w/ hard shell case.

43 front & back


CB #21)  Michael Joseph Harris has a new CB guitar and I took the first guitar I built for him in trade.  Over the last three years, he has played it for thousands of hours, hundreds of gigs and recorded four CDs with it.   In excellent condition, but not like new.  Has nicks and scratches as one would expect on a guitar that has been in constant use.    No structural issues.

I’ve added an ebony veneer pickguard,  fret job (level, recrown and polish), refreshed the French polish on the top and made a new bridge.  Action is very low and playing clean, neck is perfectly straight.  Top is Lutz spruce, back and sides are Claro walnut and the neck is black walnut.   Tuners are Golden Age and the tail is a DR.    Many videos can be found on FB and Youtube of Michael playing this guitar.      $2,800 with hard shell case (case is typical of one gigged a lot, plenty of wear, tear and character).   Full spec list and detail pictures upon request.



CB #35) I built this guitar last winter and it is now back in my life as part of a trade for one of my more recent guitars.


Based on the same DiMauro inspired body shape as my Corazón, the body is about a half inch wider and a quarter inch longer than standard Selmer.   Top is European spruce from Romania with five brace pattern.   Back and sides are curly French walnut.   Neck is black walnut, fingerboard and bridge are Ebano.   Tailpiece is custom CB and enclosed tuners by Rainer Mueller.  Lacquer back, sides and neck, French polished top for best tone.

Condition is excellent, slight fret wear, otherwise like new.   Video of this one, along with two more of my guitars can be seen here.    This guitar was $4,500 new,  available now for $4.000 with case.   Spec list and detail pictures upon request.




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  1. Craig,

    This is a beautiful instrument. It has a rich tone and seems to be very responsive in the videos with Michael playing some very nice passages to demonstrate the evenness and clear tonal qualities throughout the range of the instrument. The sound is very well balanced from rich, dry bass to clear bell like trebles. Sweet!


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