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Derecho, June 2012

June, 2012

The first guitar to bear the model name Derecho is for sale.    Built in the spring of 2012, it took largely from the Jacques Castelluccia D hole guitar owned by my good friend and band mate Stephan.    In late June, Stephan’s original was Derecho’d and he chose my replica to replace it.    I sat across from him and this guitar on many a gig and never ceased to enjoy the volume, projection, popping bell like highs, tight bass and clarity this guitar is capable of.   In spite of its punch, it is never harsh and is equally capable for rhythm or lead.   Like all the Derechi, it has a very wide dynamic range.   Stephan often commented that unlike a lot of guitars, he could drive this one as hard as he wanted without breaking up.   More details in my June 2012 blog post.

Stephan has too many guitars and needs to make room for a new project we are discussing.   $2,800 with hard shell case.   Currently in the UK, but owner will ship to me at his expense if there is a serious inquiry.

June, 2012 back

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