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Though I have given model names such as Derecho, Corazon and Zazou to some of my builds, my work tends not to fall tightly in the “models” frame work in that I seldom do exactly the same thing twice.   A Derecho from 2019 may be different in a number of ways than one from 2013 or 2016 or even another from 2016.     You can see examples of these variations in my blog posts and gallery.

Basically, I currently offer three body shapes/sizes: Selmer (400mm x 470mm),   Busato (412 x 475mm, like Selmer shape, but slightly larger all around), and DiMauro (412mm x 475mm, higher/narrower waist, narrower upper bout) .

On any one of these three body shapes, I can build a custom guitar with desired features.  I am always available to discuss these details and help make the guitar you are looking for.  Such as choice of tonewoods, bracing, sound holes, rosettes, neck materials, fret size and material, fret markers, inlays, scale length, hardware, cosmetics and finish.  I also offer a variety of amplification pickup options.    Communication is a big part of what I do, so contact me!

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