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Photographer extraordinaire Jeffrey MacMillan to a round of shots of my most recently finished guitar.   Teaser below, click HERE for the full album


This guitar was an effort to duplicate the sound of last three guitars with solid walnut back and sides but using laminated back and sides as well.   I reduced the laminate thicknesses from what I normally used and used a violin shaped back to increase stiffness via geometry instead of thickness.   This yields a lighter back (and sides) which are more involved in the sound but also tend to dampen down sustain.   Very happy with the results, loud, crisp, the highs pop out strongly, dry on rhythm.   SOLD.

Lutz spruce top,  curly French walnut back and sides (laminated), black walnut neck, Ebano fingerboard and bridge, nickel silver frets, Miller tuners and tailpiece.    French polish finish.

Matt & 38

Matt Henry has played every guitar I have built over the last three years, most as soon as as they were strung up in the white.  Matt’s articulate insights and constructive criticisms have been very helpful.  With each new guitar, we exchange ideas and Matt has always pushed for a better this or that.  Matt’s interest has been largely just as a player helping me as a builder, but we got to a point where he had to have one himself.   I could not be more pleased!

This one is solid black walnut back and sides, a Lutz spruce top, butter nut neck with a walnut center stripe.   Miller hardware, double action truss rod and French polish finish. It is tuned up for maximum performance, responsiveness, power and clarity.

The second of a pair I will bring to Django in June this year.    Similar in construction to the May 2017 guitar, some cosmetic differences.   Very similar in sound and playability.  Lutz spruce, walnut back, sides and neck.   French polish finish, Miller tuners and tailpiece.


Okay all you try before you buy types, I just finished this one to bring to Django in June. Selmer style, five brace, 670mm scale. Lutz spruce top, solid walnut back and sides, butternut neck, Ebano fingerboard and bridge, nickel silver frets, titanium truss rod, aged Miller tailpiece, Golden Age vintage brass tuners and French polish finish. Very light, 3.5 pounds. Dry tone, yet complex and very loud. See you at Django in June!



I was caught up on orders in February and the weather being dreary, decided to play around with some pearl and abalone:


Based on the same body shape as my Corazón, the body is about a half inch wider and longer than standard Selmer.   Top is European spruce from Romania with five brace pattern.   Back and sides are curly French walnut.   Neck is black walnut, fingerboard and bridge are Ebano.   Tailpiece is custom CB and enclosed tuners by Rainer Mueller. Polished high gloss finish.

Just completed a new petite bouche Zazou.   Torrefied spruce top, birdseye maple back and sides.   Butternut and walnut neck, Ebano fingerboard, nickel silver frets, Miller enclosed tuners and tailpiece.

A new Zazou for Samuel Farthing.   Sam spec’d the round soundhole and rosette attributed to Roger Chaput’s Selmer #575 (1942), the color and the aged hardware.   Sam is such a great player and his smile says it all!  Iphone video of Sam and Matt playing Webster


The guitar is Selmer size with a torrefied sitka spruce top, five brace late Selmer style.   California hedge row Claro Walnut back and sides, Pennsylvania Black Walnut neck.   Ebano fingerboard and bridge.   The rosette is mother of pearl and ebony.   670mm scale with nickel silver frets.   Miller enclosed tuners and Miller tailpiece, both aged a little in vinegar fume.   The coloring is sprayed tinted shellac.  Finish is 100% French polish with traditional shellac.



Last one for 2016, commissioned by Ken Bussey, a professional player with The Derailleurs and music teacher in the Frederick, Maryland.   Ken gave me a free hand and I took the opportunity to try something I’ve been wanting to do for some time, the same Joseph DiMauro body profile I use on the Corazon with a small oval sound hole.   Ken was excited about this and here’s how it turned out.  (Photos by Kelton Bumgarner)


Ken sent me an email a couple weeks after picking the guitar up:

“This guitar kicks ass!! Its taking my playing to a whole new level.  I’m serious man my old guitar was holding me back,  this has made such a difference in my right hand technique , I can drive way more now and I’m getting instant results.  Really cool man thanks again”

The DiMauro profile is 12mm wider than a Selmer profile with a higher waist.  Lots more top in the active tone generating area south of the sound hole.   Torrefied Sitka spruce top, Claro walnut back and sides, black walnut neck, Ebano fingerboard and bridge (DiMauro style without mustaches.   Finish is French polish.   The Ischill pickup is routed internally to a jack in the tail.   Sound is huge, clear and articulate.

Just delivered a new guitar in collaboration to Bo Ong in Alexandria, VA.   Bo had a clear vision of what he wanted right from the beginning,  colors, hardware, finish and style.   Top is torrefied Sitka spruce, back, sides and neck are mahogany.   Ebano fingerboard & bridge, white bindings,  chrome plated Miller tuners and tailpiece, mother of pearl key in the rosette and polished short oil varnish complete the theme.   Sound wise, it exemplifies the Derecho design, very responsive, loud and clear.