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A new Corazón commissioned by Tommy Davy of    Tommy supplied old (25 years+) Italian Alpine spruce top wood from the family’s stash of woods for string instruments, vintage tuners, a Busato style tailpiece and Brazilian rosewood for a bridge.   He specified the finish characteristics and gold leaf on the rosette key.  Fun collaboration!

A new Corazón for Steve Nelson in Monument, Colorado.   Birdseye maple back/sides, Lutz spruce top,  mahogany neck with rosewood spline.   Gorgeous Miller enclosed tuners and tailpiece.   More pictures HERE


Michael Joseph Harris bought the first of what was to become my Model Zazou.  Michael suggested the model name and it is perfectly fitting.   He recently asked that the top be darkened and tuners upgraded to Rainer Müller’s beautiful enclosed tuners.

DSC_2114   DSC_2095

Here’s Michael testing when he picked up.

A new Corazón, just delivered to a player in Washington State.  Have a look at what he says about it in the comments.

Corazon 1   Corazon 2

Corazon 4

Corazon 3

June, 2012

Derecho #1 is For Sale

Zazou, June 2015 1

Just finished a new petite bouche, named Modèle Zazou by Michael Joseph Harris!

I am very pleased to present my new model Corazón.    It is patterned from Michael Bauer’s 1940s Heart Hole Guitar by Joseph DiMauro the Elder.    Spruce top, birdseye maple back and sides, molded arched back as per the original.   Top and bracing is identical as are many other details of the guitar.    More pictures & details HERE.   Special thanks to Justin Wolfe,  photographer extraordinaire, for these pictures he took during a visit to our home a couple weeks ago. _MG_0759 copy1

CB Guitars that is.  Micheal Joseph Harris of Ultrafaux, Olivier Kikteff of Les Doigts de l’Homme, and Marian Badoi recorded an interview last month on Baltimore’s WYPR radio.   It aired this morning and is on the WYPR archive.   Scroll down to Gypsy Jazz, 8:55AM, Feb 27th.    Michael and Olivier are playing my guitars.   Great playing guys, terrific sound quality, thanks!

Petite Bouche with reeded Lutz spruce top, back and sides molded with Claro Walnut, black walnut neck, aged tuners and tail piece and French polish finish.   These beautiful photographs are by the owner, Jeffrey MacMillan, professional photographer in Washington, DC.  See video a couple post down for a little sound clip of Michael Joseph Harris riffin’ on it for a minute or two.

DR2A9898A    DR2A9928A 

DR2A9937A    DR2A9930A

DR2A9920A    DR2A9872A

Olivier Kikteff (guitar) and Marian Badoi (accordion) sittin’ in with Michael Joseph Harris, Sami Arefin and Eddie Hrybyk of Ultrafaux at Germano’s in January.   Olivier is playing the August ’14 Derecho, Michael is playing one of my recent petite bouche guitars.